Upgrading your HTC Hero/T-Mobile G2 Touch to the latest HTC firmware

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I recently purchased a T-Mobile G2 Touch phone. I’d like to write about what I had to do to get my T-Mobile-branded (and sim-locked) phone upgraded to the latest HTC firmware. You see, HTC recently released an updated version of the firmware for the phone but T-Mobile have been holding out on releasing this update to their customers. You can’t manually download the firmware from HTC and install it on your own since it checks the serial number of the phone and will only work if your phone is an unlocked, generic HTC Hero model.

After some searching around the web I found a brilliant site - http://android.modaco.com/ - which provides a customised ROM (includes the latest firmware update as well as other desirable goodies) as well as official HTC ROMs. But to install these onto your phone you first of all need to root it, which essentially means giving yourself superuser access to the phone. To do this I followed the instructions and video on this page:


What the previous step does is replace the flash memory updater on your phone with a custom version that ignores serial number restrictions. Once I’d performed this step I downloaded the custom ROM and followed the instructions on the following page:


By the way, don’t expect any sympathy from T-Mobile if you damage your phone from doing the above. But I followed the steps as outlined and now I have had the latest firmware running on my phone for a few days with no hiccups so far. If you do run into the difficulties there is a very active forum on the ROM site where you’ll be able to get help (although honestly, I don’t think you’ll have any problems). On the ROM site you’ll also find updated firmware for the phone’s radio transceiver.

With that done now I just need to figure out what apps I’m going to make my phone :)

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