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This weekend just gone I attended Launch48, an event where the objective was to build a viable commercial web application in just 48 hours with a diverse group of random people you meet at the event itself. There is already information on the Lau...

Creating an archives page like mine

A plugin user recently wrote in asking me how to create an archives page like mine. So I thought I’d give everyone the lowdown on how to do this in this post.

Upgrading your HTC Hero/T-Mobile G2 Touch to the latest HTC firmware

I recently purchased a T-Mobile G2 Touch phone. I’d like to write about what I had to do to get my T-Mobile-branded (and sim-locked) phone upgraded to the latest HTC firmware. You see, HTC recently released an updated version of the firmware for t...

“You are now friends with Android”

Having worked at Symbian a few years ago and gotten to learn about mobile operating systems, I believe that Symbian have the best mobile OS kernel in terms of performance, responsiveness and robustness. Unfortunately almost the opposite can be sai...