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Simple 3D graphics engine

This is a simple 3D graphics engine I've written in Java 1.5 using the Swing windowing toolkit and parts of the Java2D API. It supports the following features:

  • Hierarchical scenegraph including Mesh, Rotation, Translation and Light nodes.
  • Triangle primitives with helpers for building cubes
  • UVN camera with orthographic or perspective projection
  • Timer scheduler for animating the scene.
  • Rendering system abstraction
  • Renderers follow Visitor design pattern
  • Software-based renderer
  • Wireframe/flat shading
  • Simple directional light
  • Backface culling
  • Pixel-level z-buffer
  • Customizable interaction (i.e. user input) handlers

More information can be found in the original blog posting.


Ensure you have Java 1.5+ installed for your browser.



The source code for this engine is licensed under the LGPL 3.

Source: https://github.com/hiddentao/kai-engine

Build instructions can be found in README.txt.