Simple 3D graphics engine

This is a simple 3D graphics engine I’ve written in Java 1.5 using the Swing windowing toolkit and parts of the Java2D API. It supports the following features:

  • Hierarchical scenegraph including Mesh, Rotation, Translation and Light nodes.
  • Triangle primitives with helpers for building cubes
  • UVN camera with orthographic or perspective projection
  • Timer scheduler for animating the scene.
  • Rendering system abstraction
  • Renderers follow Visitor design pattern
  • Software-based renderer
  • Wireframe/flat shading
  • Simple directional light
  • Backface culling
  • Pixel-level z-buffer
  • Customizable interaction (i.e. user input) handlers

More information can be found in the original blog posting.



The source code for this engine is licensed under the LGPL 3.

Download source code.

Build instructions can be found in README.txt in the download package.