Bulk Stock Updater

Bulk Stock Updater is a Ubercart extension module which lets you easily bulk-edit stock levels for all your products. It displays a page similar to the uc_stock module’s Stock reports page.

This module depends on uc_stock 6.x-2.0+.

Drupal.org project page: link.

Github: link

License: GPL 2.


  1. Download the latest version from the Drupal.org project page.
  2. Unzip it into your sites/all/modules folder such that the module is at sites/all/modules/uc_bulk_stock_updater/....
  3. Goto Site building > Modules > List and enable the Bulk Stock Updater module.
  4. All done!


Once the module is enabled ensure you assign the bulk update stock permission to the appropriate user roles.

Goto Store administration > Stock > Bulk update and you will see a paged list of your products ordered by SKU. At the bottom is a link to view all the products on one page if you wish.

You will notice that the stock value for each product is displayed as an input field. Once you change the value in an input field it will be automatically submitted to the server via AJAX (you will see a progress indicator while this happens). If any errors occur the field value will be reset to what it was originally and an error message will be shown.

You can refer to the CSS file in the module’s folder to find out which styles need to be overridden in order to customize the look and feel.