Open Graph meta tags

Open Graph meta tags is a Drupal module which lets you easily add Open Graph protocol meta tags to all of your nodes. project page: link.

Github: link

License: GPL 2.


  1. Download the latest version from the project page.
  2. Unzip it into your sites/all/modules folder such that the module is at sites/all/modules/opengraph_meta/....
  3. Goto Site building > Modules > List and enable the Open Graph meta tags module.
  4. All done!


By default Open Graph meta tags can be assigned to a node of any type. But you can restrict through the settings page (Content management > Open Graph meta tags). There are also permissions for the opengraph_meta module which you can assign to the appropriate user roles.

Edit a node (of a type for which Open Graph meta tags are enabled) and you will see a collapsed section labelled Open Graph meta tags or something similar. Expand this section and you will see input fields for specifying the content of the meta tags. The thumbnail images shown are of images attached to the node (via image filefields) as well images specified as HTML IMG tags within the node body.