RandomHello is a Wordpress plugin which provides you with methods to output ‘Hello’ in a random language.

This plugin requires PHP 5 and at least Wordpress 2.3. It has been tested on upto Wordpress 2.9.

License: GPL 3.


  1. Download RandomHello.
  2. Unzip it into your Wordpress plugins folder such that the plugin files are at: wp-content/plugins/random-hello/...
  3. Enable the plugin within your blog’s administration options.
  4. All done!


Using RandomHello simply involves calling static methods on the RandomHello class. Full API documentation is provided within the installation package. Or if you wish, you can view it online.

For example, this is how you might include it on a page:

if (class_exists('RandomHello') && method_exists(RandomHello, 'hello')) :  

  $hello = RandomHello::get_hello();  

  echo $hello[1];  


  echo 'Hello';  



This plugin does not have an administration interface.