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Hey! I'm Ram, a full-stack developer based in London, UK

Started coding at 11

  • Started with BASIC/QBasic.
  • Have used C/C++, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, Javascript, Solidity.
  • Currently in blockchain space, learning ML/AI.
  • ...see my open source code.

Pro since 2005

  • Imperial College London graduate.
  • Freelance since 2009, worked with 15+ clients.
  • Given talks, ran meetups and mentored people.
  • ...see my work.

Budding entrepreneur

  • Kickback - incentivizing event attendance.
  • solUI - generate Dapps without coding.
  • Mailmask - stop unwanted email.

What other people say

Ram is an exceptionally talented Senior Engineer. His role at Photobox was to lead efforts in replatforming the core website (full-stack node.js and React), not only through his wealth of experience ...

- Ersan Hakki (Photobox)

I unreservedly recommend Ram for any position, specifically full stack, nodejs, reactjs and especially smart contract/blockchain development. Ram joined our team at Nayms Limited to assist by develop ...

- Theodore Georgas (Nayms)

If I'd known Ram growing up, I would have wanted to become an Engineer. Across four projects, I'm humbled that Ram has served as a technical lead. With exceptional complexity, incredibly high standa ...

- James Shamenski (Bananas)

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