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Tag your Wordpress 2.7 pages!

Note: This post is over 2 years old and may now be out of date. Some of the links not work anymore.

(1 minute read)

A few weeks ago I upgraded to Wordpress 2.7 and was immediately liking the new admin interface and all the other features. But I needed a way of tagging my pages as well as my blog entries. So I went and grabbed the Simple Tags plugin by Amaury Balmer. But for some reason it didn't seem to re-use my existing blog post tags, and its tagging interface (when editing a page) didn't seem to work as well as the blog post tagging interface that comes with Wordpress.

So I decided to write my own plugin (both as a learning experience and for fun!) which would let me tag pages using the same interface as is used for tagging blog posts. And here it is: Page-Tags. It's very simple - it doesn't have any admin options to set - but it gets the job done. Simple install and activate the plugin and then try editing one of your pages. You should see a tagging box like this on the right-hand side:

Page-Tags tagging box

This box looks and feels exactly like the one you see when you edit a blog post, and it works the same way too (it has the lookup-as-you-type feature). Additionally, when viewing the archive page for a given tag or tags you should now see the list of tagged pages as well as blog posts.