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jQuery AJAX progress indicator plugin

Note: This post is over 6 months old and may now be out of date. Some of the links not work anymore.

(2 minute read)

Some of my latest projects rely heavily on jQuery's AJAX method to perform AJAX requests against the server-side code. I wanted my projects to be mobile-friendly and this meant that I had to take into account intermittent drops in the internet connection as well as temporary slow downs in speed when making my AJAX calls. I decided to display a "loading" progress indicator to the user for every critical AJAX request which I needed to make so that in case there was a delay in receiving a response from the server at least the user would know what was going on (you can see this concept in action on WuPlay).

I decided to write a jQuery plugin which extends the $.ajax with two additional parameters:

  • progress_indicator
    • Either a jQuery object, function callback or a HTML string specifying the progress indicator. If not specified then no progress indicator will be shown.
  • progress_indicator_delay
    • No. of milliseconds to wait from when the AJAX request has been sent before displaying the progress indicator. Default is 1000, i.e. 1 second.

The progress indicator can be one of the three types:

  • jQuery object:
    • show() will be called on it when the request is in progress and hide() will be called on it once the request completes.
  • Callback function:
    • it will be invoked with its argument as false (boolean) when the request is in progress and it will then be invoked with true (boolean) when the request has completed.
  • HTML string:
    • it will be added to the body within a DIV when the request is in progress. The DIV will then be removed once the request has completed. The DIV has the 'ajax_progress_indicator' class set on it so you can style it as you wish using CSS.

The plugin is available for download at http://plugins.jquery.com/project/ajaxprogress.