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Deploying single-page apps on Zeit using Now

2019-02-07This post is over 2 years old and may now be out of date

(1 minute read)

This is quick post to illustrate how to deploy single-page static web apps to Zeit using the now cli.

Let's assume we are building a React app and that our build scripts have created an optimized production build in the build/ folder of our project. This is the folder we wish to serve on Zeit when requests are made to our domain example.com.

Let's assume our build folder looks like the following:

build/index.html <- SPA handler
build/service-worker.js  <- must NOT be cached by browser

And let's say our routes are as follows:


Now we can setup now.json accordingly:

  "version": 2,
  "name": "example-app",
  "alias": "example.com",
  "builds": [
    { "src": "build/**", "use": "@now/static" }
  "routes": [
    { "src": "/", "dest": "build/index.html" },
    { "src": "/events/?", "dest": "build/index.html" },
    { "src": "/events/.*", "dest": "build/index.html" },
    { "src": "/service-worker.js", "dest": "build/service-worker.js", "headers": { "cache-control": "no-cache" } },
    { "src": "/(.+)", "dest": "build/$1" }

The above routemap states that we want our app's URL paths to be handled by index.html. All other requests (e.g. for CSS and JS resources) should be handled by the static file server. For service-worker.js we specifically want to ensure the browser never caches it, and thus we modify the header response in that instance.

To use this config run:

$ npx now --public

> Deploying ~/dev/example/app under example-app
> Using project example-app
> Synced 1 file (226B) [1s]
> https://example-app-cdqx1bncr.now.sh [v2] [in clipboard] [3s]
┌ build/**        Ready               [878ms]
├── build/static/css/main.css
├── build/static/js/main.js
├── build/index.html
├── build/favicon.png
├── build/service-worker.js
> Success! Deployment ready [8s]

The alias config key in the JSON wasn't strictly necessary, but by placing it there we can run a command to auto-alias our domain name to the just-deployed instance:

$ npx now alias

> Assigning alias example.com to deployment example-app-cdqx1bncr.now.sh
> Success! example.com now points to example-app-cdqx1bncr.now.sh [4s]

And that's it!

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