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These are some of my own projects. For more of my work and to see contributions I've made to other projects see https://github.com/hiddentao.


You can find all my NPM packages at https://www.npmjs.com/~hiddentao.

Waigo - a next-gen MVC framework for Node.js using ES6 generators.

Heartnotes - encrypted, cross-platform personal diary with cloud backup and sync.

Melkor - Git-backed Wiki engine with Markdown editing.

Ansijet - Ansible playbook automation server. Trigger playbooks through a REST API.

BrowserMail - a proof-of-concept IMAP email client written in Javascript, for the Chrome browser.

Squel - a light-weight SQL query string builder for Javascript which can be used with node.js or in the browser.

Thinodium - a light-weight Object Document Mapper (ODM) for Node.js with pluggable adapters.

React.js plugins - a collection of React.js and React Native plugins I've written.

Google-TTS - an API for the Google text-to-speech service.

Linear-algebra - an efficient linear-algebra implementation in Javascript. Designed for use in machine learning algorithms.

Weber - a tool to dynamically build and minify scripts, stylesheets and templates on-the-fly.

jQuery AJAX Progress plugin - a jQuery plugin which makes it easy to display a progress indicator (such as "Loading" text) for any AJAX request you make using jQuery.

LZW Async - an efficient asynchronous implementation of the LZW compression algorithm in Javascript.

Fast Levenshtein - an efficient Javascript implementation of the Levenshtein algorithm with asynchronous callback support.

OiS map - interactive map of police shootings in the USA.


Swapmem - a role to setup Swap space on a target Ubuntu system.


Redmine Updates Notifier plugin - a plugin for Redmine which pushes Redmine issue changes to a configurable external URL.


You can find my Wordpress plugins at https://profiles.wordpress.org/randomaniac/#content-plugins.


You can find my Drupal plugins at https://www.drupal.org/u/hiddentao.


3D graphics engine - a simple 3D graphics engine written in Java 1.5.